Filing Annual Returns Form B1

We can arrange for completion and submission of your company annual return, also known as Form B1 return online to the Companies Registration Office each year on your behalf as your filing agent.  In order for us to file your annual return on your behalf, you must first authorise us to be your registered filing agent. Once you request us to file on your behalf, we will send you a form B77 to sign, which we will forward to the CRO.

Your company, trading or not, is obliged to file an Annual Return each year with the CRO no later than 56 days from its statutory annual return date (ARD). The annual return sets out certain prescribed information in respect of the company.

A company’s annual return is required to be made up to a certain date every year, which is no later than the company’s ARD and to be filed with the CRO within 56 days of the date to which it has been made up.

A newly incorporated company’s ARD is the date six months from its date of incorporation. Post incorporation, it is important to make a note of this date and set a reminder to ensure the timely filing of the Annual Return.  If you outsource the filing of the annual return to ourselves, we will remind you of this date and prepare the annual return documentation for you to sign well in advance each year.

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