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Company Formation

Private Limited Companies

The most common type of company incorporation is a Private Limited Company. To set up a private limited company you must have a minimum of one director, but a separate secretary. The company can have from one to one hundred and forty nine shareholders.
For each proposed director we will need their name, home address, date of birth, nationality (if not Irish), occupation and list of other company directorships (if any). Additionally we will need identification and address verification to comply with Money Laundering Regulations. The company must also have a secretary, however a director can fulfil the dual role of director and secretary.

For each shareholder we need to know their name,address and occupation in addition to the number of shares which they are to be given. We need to know the nature of the activity to be carried on by the company, the trading address of the company and the registered office address (this is the address to which all Companies Registration Office documentation will be sent).

Our fee for a private limited company formation is €300 (inclusive of VAT).

Companies Limited By Guarantee

These companies are generally established by not for profit organisations such as charities, community groups etc.

For each guarantee company we need the names, home address and occupation of one or more people who will be the subscribers (the company does not have shares, but in the event of the company being wound up the subscribers each guarantee to contribute up to €1.00 each. The company must have a minimum of two directors (if seeking charitable tax exemption a minimum of four unrelated individuals is recommended). Some or all of the subscribers can also be the directors of the company.

Where we are engaged to provide your ongoing company secretarial requirements we will liaise with you accountant, solicitor or bank (or where you require any of these services we can provide an introduction without any additional charge to you) and additionally where applicable we will obtain Charitable Tax exemption for the company.

Our fee for a guarantee company formation is €350 (inclusive of VAT)

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Secretarial Services

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Amendment to Memorandum and Articles
Change of Company Name
Business Name Registration
Filing Company Returns
Company Seal
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